These sections should provide you with all the information needed to install the UI Keyring, understand the structure of the interfaces and allow you to start using it.

What this is not#

This is not line-by-line documentation of all the existing function calls available, nor it is tied to a specific framework that you may end up using. We have users using frameworks such as Angular, Electron, React, React Native, Next.js and Vue and even support direct environments such as browser extensions, Electron apps in addition to the normal web applications you may be used to. There will be some things in the libraries that are probably not covered, which brings us to the next point...

Help us help others#

If you spot gaps in the information provided, or are uncertain about any specific area, please do log an issue or if you are that way inclined, make a pull-request. We really want to have good documentation in these areas and allow people to be productive right from the start.

Ready? Steady? Go!#

With all that said, let's get started and walk through the installation & dependencies