The following sections contain the module constants, also known as parameter types. These can only be changed as part of a runtime upgrade. On the api, these are exposed via api.consts.<module>.<method>.

(NOTE: These were generated from a static/snapshot view of a recent Substrate master node. Some items may not be available in older nodes, or in any customized implementations.)


epochDuration: u64#

  • interface: api.consts.babe.epochDuration
  • summary: The number of slots that an epoch takes. We couple sessions to epochs, i.e. we start a new session once the new epoch begins. NOTE: Currently it is not possible to change the epoch duration after the chain has started. Attempting to do so will brick block production.

expectedBlockTime: Moment#

  • interface: api.consts.babe.expectedBlockTime
  • summary: The expected average block time at which BABE should be creating blocks. Since BABE is probabilistic it is not trivial to figure out what the expected average block time should be based on the slot duration and the security parameter c (where 1 - c represents the probability of a slot being empty).


existentialDeposit: Balance#

  • interface: api.consts.balances.existentialDeposit
  • summary: The minimum amount required to keep an account open.


moduleId: ModuleId#

  • interface:
  • summary: The claim's module id, used for deriving its sovereign account ID.

prefix: Bytes#

  • interface:
  • summary: The Prefix that is used in signed Ethereum messages for this network


basicDeposit: BalanceOf#

  • interface: api.consts.identity.basicDeposit
  • summary: The amount held on deposit for a registered identity.

fieldDeposit: BalanceOf#

  • interface: api.consts.identity.fieldDeposit
  • summary: The amount held on deposit per additional field for a registered identity.

maxAdditionalFields: u32#

  • interface: api.consts.identity.maxAdditionalFields
  • summary: Maximum number of additional fields that may be stored in an ID. Needed to bound the I/O required to access an identity, but can be pretty high.

maxRegistrars: u32#

  • interface: api.consts.identity.maxRegistrars
  • summary: Maxmimum number of registrars allowed in the system. Needed to bound the complexity of, e.g., updating judgements.

maxSubAccounts: u32#

  • interface: api.consts.identity.maxSubAccounts
  • summary: The maximum number of sub-accounts allowed per identified account.

subAccountDeposit: BalanceOf#

  • interface: api.consts.identity.subAccountDeposit
  • summary: The amount held on deposit for a registered subaccount. This should account for the fact that one storage item's value will increase by the size of an account ID, and there will be another trie item whose value is the size of an account ID plus 32 bytes.


deposit: BalanceOf#

  • interface: api.consts.indices.deposit
  • summary: The deposit needed for reserving an index.


fileDuration: BlockNumber#

  • interface:
  • summary: The file duration.

fileReplica: u32#

  • interface:
  • summary: The file base replica to get reward.

initFileByteFee: BalanceOf#

  • interface:
  • summary: The file init price after the chain start.

maximumFileSize: u64#

  • interface:
  • summary: The max file size of a file

moduleId: ModuleId#

  • interface:
  • summary: The market's module id, used for deriving its sovereign account ID.

renewRewardRatio: Perbill#

  • interface:
  • summary: The renew reward ratio for liquidator.

stakingRatio: Perbill#

  • interface:
  • summary: The staking ratio for how much CRU into staking pot.

storageDecreaseRatio: Perbill#

  • interface:
  • summary: The storage decrease ratio for each file byte&key fee change.

storageIncreaseRatio: Perbill#

  • interface:
  • summary: The storage increase ratio for each file byte&key fee change.

storageRatio: Perbill#

  • interface:
  • summary: The storage ratio for how much CRU into storage pot.

storageReferenceRatio: (u128,u128)#

  • interface:
  • summary: The storage reference ratio to adjust the file byte fee.


depositBase: BalanceOf#

  • interface: api.consts.multisig.depositBase
  • summary: The base amount of currency needed to reserve for creating a multisig execution or to store a dispatch call for later.

depositFactor: BalanceOf#

  • interface: api.consts.multisig.depositFactor
  • summary: The amount of currency needed per unit threshold when creating a multisig execution.

maxSignatories: u16#

  • interface: api.consts.multisig.maxSignatories
  • summary: The maximum amount of signatories allowed for a given multisig.


bondingDuration: EraIndex#

  • interface: api.consts.staking.bondingDuration
  • summary: Number of eras that staked funds must remain bonded for.

marketStakingPotDuration: u32#

  • interface: api.consts.staking.marketStakingPotDuration
  • summary: Total era duration for once dsm staking pot.

maxGuarantorRewardedPerValidator: u32#

  • interface: api.consts.staking.maxGuarantorRewardedPerValidator

  • summary: The maximum number of guarantors rewarded for each validator.

    For each validator only the $MaxGuarantorRewardedPerValidator biggest stakers can claim their reward. This used to limit the i/o cost for the guarantor payout.

moduleId: ModuleId#

  • interface: api.consts.staking.moduleId
  • summary: The staking's module id, used for deriving its sovereign account ID.

sessionsPerEra: SessionIndex#

  • interface: api.consts.staking.sessionsPerEra
  • summary: Number of sessions per era.

slashDeferDuration: EraIndex#

  • interface: api.consts.staking.slashDeferDuration

  • summary: Number of eras that slashes are deferred by, after computation.

    This should be less than the bonding duration. Set to 0 if slashes should be applied immediately, without opportunity for intervention.

sPowerRatio: u128#

  • interface: api.consts.staking.sPowerRatio
  • summary: Storage power ratio for crust network phase 1


maxGroupSize: u32#

  • interface: api.consts.swork.maxGroupSize
  • summary: The max number of members in one group

punishmentSlots: u32#

  • interface: api.consts.swork.punishmentSlots
  • summary: The punishment duration if someone offline


blockHashCount: BlockNumber#

  • interface: api.consts.system.blockHashCount
  • summary: Maximum number of block number to block hash mappings to keep (oldest pruned first).

blockLength: BlockLength#

  • interface: api.consts.system.blockLength
  • summary: The maximum length of a block (in bytes).

blockWeights: BlockWeights#

  • interface: api.consts.system.blockWeights
  • summary: Block & extrinsics weights: base values and limits.

dbWeight: RuntimeDbWeight#

  • interface: api.consts.system.dbWeight
  • summary: The weight of runtime database operations the runtime can invoke.

ss58Prefix: u8#

  • interface: api.consts.system.ss58Prefix

  • summary: The designated SS85 prefix of this chain.

    This replaces the "ss58Format" property declared in the chain spec. Reason is that the runtime should know about the prefix in order to make use of it as an identifier of the chain.

version: RuntimeVersion#

  • interface: api.consts.system.version
  • summary: Get the chain's current version.


minimumPeriod: Moment#

  • interface: api.consts.timestamp.minimumPeriod
  • summary: The minimum period between blocks. Beware that this is different to the expected period that the block production apparatus provides. Your chosen consensus system will generally work with this to determine a sensible block time. e.g. For Aura, it will be double this period on default settings.


transactionByteFee: BalanceOf#

  • interface: api.consts.transactionPayment.transactionByteFee
  • summary: The fee to be paid for making a transaction; the per-byte portion.

weightToFee: Vec<WeightToFeeCoefficient>#

  • interface: api.consts.transactionPayment.weightToFee
  • summary: The polynomial that is applied in order to derive fee from weight.


burn: Permill#

  • interface: api.consts.treasury.burn
  • summary: Percentage of spare funds (if any) that are burnt per spend period.

moduleId: ModuleId#

  • interface: api.consts.treasury.moduleId
  • summary: The treasury's module id, used for deriving its sovereign account ID.

proposalBond: Permill#

  • interface: api.consts.treasury.proposalBond
  • summary: Fraction of a proposal's value that should be bonded in order to place the proposal. An accepted proposal gets these back. A rejected proposal does not.

proposalBondMinimum: BalanceOf#

  • interface: api.consts.treasury.proposalBondMinimum
  • summary: Minimum amount of funds that should be placed in a deposit for making a proposal.

spendPeriod: BlockNumber#

  • interface: api.consts.treasury.spendPeriod
  • summary: Period between successive spends.